Our Activities

Little Rascals provide a wide range of fun, interactive activities suitable to your child's age and stage of development.

Fun interactive activities

Little Rascals go above and beyond to provide your child with interactive and new experiences.

At Little Rascals you can expect your child to develop a love for dancing, taste for baking, calmness for Yoga, teamwork for sports and empathy for animals and nature.

We promote open-ended play, providing children with endless opportunities to enhance their imagination, building on their understanding, skills, and knowledge whilst developing your child's unique personality.


Little Rascals promote dance sessions, designed to enhance your child's coordination and rhythm. The music which we dance to may be linked to our country of the month, exposing children to different genres, rhythms, and styles of dance. We have so much fun in our dance classes, we use ribbons, hoops, active games, and instruments to get the beat going!

Regular daily activities

Each day, children at Little Rascals will have the opportunity to explore the following areas of provision:

  • Sand and water play

  • Home corner and roleplay 

  • Reading garden 

  • Construction and small world 

  • Texture and messy play

  • Mathematics 

  • Mark making

  • Creative 

  • Science exploration

  • Outdoor play

  • Music and movement

What our parents say

My little one absolutely loves attending nursery and the staff have always made me feel so comfortable being able to leave him. Being updated on the app of his development and being able to keep track of his daily routine is amazing!

All of the staff are lovely.

Laura M